Welcome to Living an American Dream

Welcome to Living an American Dream

Welcome to Living an American DreamWelcome to Living an American DreamWelcome to Living an American Dream

About the Film


Living an American Dream is an in depth view of the western lifestyle as lived and explained by several cowboys and cowgirls who live it. While immersed in the breathtaking beauty of Idaho, California, Washington and Oregon’s deserts and green valley’s, viewers can follow the rodeo journey of Luke and Gabe McKay, as well as the lives of each member of the cast as they work and play in natures way.

Director & Cast

As an emerging director, Clare McKay has worked on several projects in her early career, most of them student films or independent shorts. Living an American Dream is the largest production she has taken on, requiring the most time and dedication. She hopes to create a mini series in the future.

Each cast member was chosen on this project based initially on their relationship to leads, Luke and Gabe McKay. They each have their own unique perspectives on this way of life and how it affects the communities and the country. 

They are all perfect choices as there are voices from the young and the old to talk about the past and the future while the present plays out before them. 

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Living an American Dream

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